Barn Style Walls, Ceiling and Beams. Edmund Terrence Pub Table and Wine Beam

Introducing Edmund Terrence Barn Luxury, Barn Style Interiors, design and Home Accessories

A Whole New Idea in Home Decor Craftsmanship. One-of-a-Kind, custom cut Wall and Ceiling kits and Home Accessories inspired by your love of the rustic warmth only wood can bring we call it "BarnStyle". Each substainably harvested plank and beam artist-created just for you. Affordable because you install it yourself. Easily! Go From Drywall to Stunning in Minutes. This is NOT Your Daddy's paneling.

Barn Style Wine Kit, Install it yourself over the weekend!

Barn Style Wine Cellar Kits starting from $4,000.00!

Prefabricated Barn home kits have been around for decades. Artisans have been creating beautiful and functional works of art for our homes for even longer. At EdmundTerrence we have combined the ease and cost-effectiveness of a post and beam barn kit with the beauty and uniqueness of a hand-crafted, signed work of art to provide you a beautiful alternative in barn style home decoration and accessorizing.

EdmundTerrence Barn Style Wine Beam Starting at $949.00 for the 8' Beam

EdmundTerrence Barn Style Wine Beam

Starting at $949.00 for the 8' Beam

When you purchase an EdmundTerrence Barn home kit you get a one-of-a-kind work of art crafted from solid wood that is substainably harvested, hand-selected and hand-aged by EdmundTerrence (Terry) himself, an artist, master craftsman, and entrepreneur who has been transforming the living spaces of those who appreciate his vision for over 20 years. An EdmundTerrence BarnStyle installation brings the rustic beauty of the Earth indoors, creating an atmosphere inspired by Mother Nature, and designed to give your space a warm, rustic and inspirational look and feel.  And you can install it in an afternoon. It's faster than painting (and less messy and toxic!) and the finished product will delight all five senses with its beauty.

A simple wall treatment turns your ho-hum, dry-wall clad room into a show room straight out of Architectural Digest. Only you didn't have to pay a designer 10 grand to show you the way and another 20 grand to a builder to make it happen. For as little as $4,000 you can create an awe-inspiring and unique room in less time than it takes to prep it for painting.

Check out our newest creation - The Wine Closet! Now you can have a proper storage space for a fraction of the cost without sacrificing beauty. Every piece of wood is hand-distressed, and every post and beam barn kit is easily installed in a day. Go from closet to wine cellar in time to uncork a bottle for dinner.

Annie Get Your Gun, here Annie is installing a pantry wall, watch the video!

Annie Get Your Gun, here Annie is installing a pantry wall, watch the video!

Grab a measuring tape and order your barn home kit today! You can BarnStyle your space in minutes. Turn a dry-wall clad room into a sexy, rustic retreat. Create a wine cellar in a closet. Warm up your double-height living room with a floor-to-ceiling wall of warmth and beauty.

What's better than the sense of accomplishment that comes from doing it yourself? It costs less! See what you can do with a nail gun and an EdmundTerrence Barn Home kits. Just because it's a kit doesn't mean it's not a one-of-a-kind work of art. We hand-age every single plank. Try getting that at Home Depot.  

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